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The BIG POD range is specifically designed for all brands of  POD systems.

Choose from the flavours;

Summer Apple – A crisp juicy red apple flavour that’s so tasty.

Summer Mango – A sweet ripe mango flavour that’s so juicy you’ll think your in paradise.

Summer Watermelon – A juicy watermelon pumped full of flavour that will satisfy anyone that’s hungry for flavour.

Summer Banana – A ripe banana that’s bold packed full of flavour.

Summer Grape – A juicy black grape, thats slightly tart and juicy.


What is a Shortfill?

Shortfill e-liquids are larger bottles of vape juice that come without nicotine. These e-liquid bottles are called shortfills simply because they are not filled to the top! The space at the top is for adding a nicotine shot (or ‘nic shot’) – usually a high nicotine strength of nic salts.

For example, if you add 15ml of 100mg nic salt suspended in PG to a 30ml bottle shortfill, you’ll be left with 30ml bottle of 50mg nic salt finished e-liquid.

Our shortfills are concentrated flavours designed to be diluted with your own PG based Nicotine salts.

When you select the 30ml bottle it will be delivered with a highly concentrated flavour with approx 15ml of liquid in order to assist you in adding your own nic salts.

Image above is for illustration purposes only, your product will not be supplied with nicotine.

Tip: Please allow your freshly mixed flavours a min of 4hrs to steep before adding to your devices tank, this allows high nic level salts require more time to steep so they become more even in taste and strength. it’s important to shake the bottle well, as this helps blend the flavour much quicker. 


Q: My flavour is too strong what can I do?
A: Breathing the bottle by leaving the cap off the bottle for 12 hrs, will release some of the aroma volatiles which will make the liquid smoother. Steeping will also help round our sharper flavour notes that come from liquids freshly mixed.

Q: I’ve mixed my shortfill and now it’s too strong in nic for my liking, how can I change and can it be fixed & lowered?
A: Yes, you can lower the nic amount, but keep in mind adding more PG/VG base will also dilute the flavour & the nic depending on the amount that’s been added.  Think of nic & flavour like cordial, the more water you add to the cup, the more watery it becomes in taste and colour, it’s the same concept with ejuice.

Q: What ratio of PG & VG is in the BIG POD RANGE.
A: The ratio of  PG/VG in each ejuice offered in the BIG POD RANGE is unique and dependant to each eliquid finished recipe. There is no fixed ratio as each flavour has been optimised for flavour to suit output wattages produced by POD system across multiple devices.

Q: How do you know it will taste right in my POD?.
A: BV has developed a unique way to blend liquids for high flavour output by using a method that utilizes a numerical Odor indexing technique to determine which flavours are most volatile in an eliquid recipe.  This allows us to utilise the sweet spot percentage of flavouring which is needed to create the foundation of a well balanced eliquid aimed towards a low wattage device.

Q: What’s so special about a POD liquid, isn’t all ejuice made the same way?
A: Not all liquids are made the same, this is because each company will formulate liquids using their own methods. Our premium eliquid comes in a variety of options with some optimised for Sub-Ohm and others for MLT setups. Generally we offer these options for all our standard premium range. The 50/50 is designed for MTL and Sub Ohm 70/30 through to MAX VG are well suited to Mech Mod RDA type setups. So each eliquid is optimised to its purpose, because let’s face it , there is not one size fits all when it comes to such a diverse array of vaping devices that demand customizable options. here at big vapes we customise our liquids for the best possible flavour experience catered to the style of vaper and device.

Q: I’m confused about the size of bottle I will get. will it be a 30ml bottle half full?
A: Yes, You will receive a 30ml bottle with approx 15ml high strength liquid ,so please don’t email us asking why you received a half filled bottle 🙂

Q: I want to use my POD without Nicotine, what can I do?
A: Once you receive your bottle, just top it up with PG, this will fill the bottle to the correct dilution and place it into your device. you can pickup PG from most vape stores..

If you face any issues, please feel free to contact us anytime, we will respond as quickly as possible.

General Information

Nicotine Free 0mg – Please note that this product does not contain any nicotine or derivative thereof.
Contains PG/VG & natural and artificial flavourings.
Shake before use – Store in a dark dry place – Keep away from children & pets
You must be 18+ Years old to Purchase this product, we reserve the right to cancel any orders that appear to be placed by minors.
All Prices are in Australian Dollars – All Payments are processed through Paypal.
Wholesale enquiries are welcome.

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POD Juice Type

30ml Shortfill

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