Mango & Pineapple eLiquid 30ml


Mango & Pineapple eLiquid – REFILL POUCH

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A Perfect cost effective way for refilling your existing bottles, just simply snip the corner and squeeze into your own bottle.

Creation Name: Mango & Pineapple eLiquid – REFILL 

Profile: A juicy mango and pineapple flavoured ejuice.

Tips: Snip the corner then fold both corners and sqeeze lightly into your bottle to avoid any spills.

Release Type: Satty Bag Range 30ml bag

Cooling Type: None


Product Type: eLiquid Refill Clear Pouch PET Plastic

Coil Performance: Moderate ~ Excellent – Built for flavour, suits all devices and offers great flavour in PODs.

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General Information

Nicotine Free 0mg – Contains natural and artificial flavourings. Shake before use – Store in a dark dry place- Keep away from heat sources – Keep away from children & pets – Do not drink or eat,  You must be 18+ Years old to Purchase this product, We reserve the right to cancel any orders that appear to be placed by minors. All Prices are in Australian Dollars.

Satty Bag Range FAQ

Q:What is a satty bag range and why do you have them?.

A: Satty bags were designed exclusively for Big Vapes to offer its customers the options to reduce the use of ordering products via plastic bottles. Our satty bags are made of the same material as our bottles, however we use far less plastic in weight compared to our bottles, allowing us to bring more savings to you, where the focus remains on our flavours and and a little less on packaging.

Q: Will they break in transit?

A: Yes, No Maybe, depends how hard they are hit. We have tested our satty bags with tennis rackets and base ball bats at high speed. We are unable to pop them even with a decent hit. Feel free to send us your videos if you think our bags are weak lol.

A: How long can I leave them in the bag?

Q: Use the bag as soon as it arrives to you, and do not leave them in the sun or car or other hot places as it could cause the bag to expand and eventually leak. (not designed for long term storage).

Big Vapes Pricing FAQ

Q: We are often asked. Why are juices cheaper than other vape stores suppliers?

A: We specialise in eliquid development & manufacturing at large scale, in fact that’s all we do as we focus on what’s important to our audience when it comes to creating tasty ejuice.

We bulk buy all materials from our well established global supply-chain partners which include flavourings, bases and bottles in very large volumes.  As bulk eliquid wholesalers, our material costs are much lower than our rivals, which allows us to produce the best tasting eliquid at a fraction of the cost, which in turn gives you the best possible vaping experience without compromising on quality.

Big Vapes caters for large capacity to our many thousands of customers in both Australia and New Zealand whilst maintaining a reliable amount of products that satisfy most. Our in-house printing capabilities and access to a dedicated team of flavorist s is really what makes it possible to deliver our community inspired creations on-time every time.

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Weight 32 g
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 10 mm
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