Juicy Raspberry eLiquid – 100% PG FREE


Big Vapes Juicy Raspberry eLiquid . A Juicy Raspberry flavoured ejuice.
Features: 100% PG Free flavours.


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Big Vapes Juicy Raspberry eLiquid . A Juicy Raspberry flavoured ejuice. Features: 100% PG Free flavours. Check out our facebook page to keep up with new flavour releases.


Q: Why did you make PG Free eliquid?

A: Many Big Vapes customers have told us that they are having trouble finding e-liquids that are made without PG, whilst many report that PG causes them some sensitivities which is why we have invested heavily to provide the option to make it possible to have outstanding flavours without PG – Welcome to our PG Free e-liquid Range.

Q: Does ejuice taste the same without PG

A: PG’s role in eliquid is to help carry flavour, and when it’s removed you may find it not as strong in taste as eliquid’ s that do contain PG. Please keep this in mind when choosing flavours of this nature.

Q” What’s a good device to run PG Free eliquid s?

A: For best performance in terms of vapour and flavour production, you’ll find that RDA’s,RDTA’s or any higher powered devices tent to work best with PG Free e-liquids.

Q: How thick is the liquid and can I run it in a tank?

A: Our 100% PG Free ejuice has a high viscosity for some of the flavours, so it may take a little time for it to wick especially in colder climates. Some tank coils cannot support super high viscosity eliquid s. Please check with your device manufacturer as we are unable to specify which tanks or products on the market will be suitable for this eliquid.

Q: What is PG Free eliquid?

A: Propylene Glycol is a main ingredient used in eliquid making, which has been removed from the entire manufacturing process of the flavours which are used to make eliquid for this range.

Q: What’s the difference between MAX VG & 100% PG FREE

A: There is a major difference with Max VG e-liquids Vs 100% PG Free e-liquids, because MAX VG eliquid s still contain PG in the eliquid, whereas 100% PG free eliquid s do not have any PG contained in the eliquid.  Now you can find all your 100% VG Based eliquids right here at Big Vapes.

Q: Why do PG Free e-liquids cost more than regular eliquid?

A: The short answer is the time involved to create these flavours as there is a lengthy process and extra labour involved, hence leading to a slightly more cost.

General Information

Nicotine Free 0mg – Contains natural and artificial flavourings. Shake before use – Store in a dark dry place – Keep away from children & pets You must be 18+ Years old to Purchase this product, we reserve the right to cancel any orders that appear to be placed by minors. All Prices are in Australian Dollars. Disclaimer: BVA does not make any claims that vaping with or without PG is any better or worse for your health, it’s mearly a requested product option from our customers.

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