Blue Green Sherbs e-Liquid*

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Big Vapes Blue Green Sherbs e-liquid is a crazy mix of green apple & blueberry sherbet, that’s tingly,  fizzy, sweet and sour.

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Creation Name: Blue Green Sherbs e-Liquid

Flavour Profile:A crazy mix of green apple & blueberry sherbet, that’s tingly,  fizzy, sweet and sour flavoured ejuice.

Tip: If too strong leave cap off for 4 hrs.

Steep Time Recommendation:9+ days

Release Type: Limited Run

Cooling Type: None


Product Type: Made to Stock

Coil Performance: Moderate ~ Good – Built for flavour, suits all devices and offers great flavour in PODs.

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General Information

Nicotine Free 0mg – Contains natural and artificial flavourings. Shake before use – Store in a dark dry place – Keep away from children & pets – Do not drink

You must be 18+ Years old to Purchase this product, we reserve the right to cancel any orders that appear to be placed by minors.

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Limited Run FAQ

Q:What is a limited run ejuice.

A: Limited Run eliquids are complex flavours made in limited quantity batches.

Q: Why are Limited Runs cheaper?

A: Limited production runs are much more cost effective to manufacture than “Made to Order” flavours because they are bulk produced and “Made to Stock” until sold out, then replenished with a new batch as required. Furthermore they are generally made in one bottle size with one ratio such as 70/30 and do not come in doublers,  so this means less labour is required and less product SKU’s will be created per product. Ultimately by doing this we can pass more savings to our customers, hence allowing even better pricing whilst maintaining the highest quality possible.

Q: What will happen when a limited Run flavour goes out of stock?

A: A review will be done on the product to determine whether or not it’s worthy to stay in the range, and we generally ask the Big Fam Community on our Facebook Page to decide the future of the flavour and give the options to vote it to stay or go. Should the product gain the community backing or seal of approval it will make its way up the ranks to earn a spot in the made to order range with full product options such as doublers, larger bottles and unlimited amounts of stock.

Only the best flavours make it at Big Vapes!

Big Vapes Pricing FAQ

Q: We are often asked. Why are juices cheaper than other vape stores suppliers?

A: We specialise in eliquid development & manufacturing at large scale, in fact that’s all we do as we focus on what’s important to our audience when it comes to creating tasty ejuice. We bulk buy all materials from our well established global supply-chain partners which include flavourings, bases and bottles in very large volumes.  As bulk eliquid wholesalers, our material costs are much lower than our rivals, which allows us to produce the best tasting eliquid at a fraction of the cost, which in turn gives you the best possible vaping experience without compromising on quality.

Big Vapes caters for large capacity to our many thousands of customers in both Australia and New Zealand whilst maintaining a reliable amount of products that satisfy most. Our in-house printing capabilities and access to a dedicated team of flavourist s is really what makes it possible to deliver our community inspired creations on-time every time. Don’t take our word for it, just look at our reviews.

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60ml, 1000ml

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Blue Green Sherbs e-Liquid*

  1. Blocker (verified owner)

    If you loved the blue and green assorted sour and sweet lollies when you were younger than this will bring back the memories immediately, great mix of flavours you will never tire with 🙂

  2. NicoleW (verified owner)

    Can’t get enough of this juice.

    I have never been a fan of sherbet lollies… but this is amazing.

  3. Brien_luvs_BV-Musk (verified owner)

    I don’t recall having the lolly version of this but this is a fairly unique & enjoyable e liquid flavour ! One of the first ones I tried & really liked it ! I found a bottle recently with about 10ml left in it & gave it to a mate to try , he loved it too & said to put it on the #fdf watch list !

  4. Raz86 (verified owner)

    Sooo good! Thank god i ordered this, now i know how good it is and well balanced 🙂

  5. Raz86 (verified owner)

    Very well balanced and great tasting. Deffinetly worth a try!

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