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Best Tobacco E-Liquids 2022

If you’ve just quit smoking tobacco and have recently transitioned into the vaping world, you are most likely looking for the best tobacco e-liquids to satisfy your cravings. Before we dive deep into the different types of tobacco e-liquids on the market, let’s break down why new vapers opt for tobacco vape juice.

Tobacco e-liquids are unique and can be highly versatile. Ex-smokers are looking for a dark, smoky or even dirty cigarette taste. However, tobacco vape flavours are not built to mimic that taste that ex-smokers were used to for so many years. Although some may come close, it is difficult to find one that is spot on. You will generally find that tobacco e-juice flavours are available in three different types.

Straight or traditional tobaccos

Straight or traditional tobaccos give a fresh tobacco taste with sweet undertones. These flavours will mimic brands such as Port Royal or Champion Ruby rolling tobacco. This is the closest thing to real tobacco flavour that a vaper will find and most new vapers will make their initial transition with straight tobacco e-liquid. There are many different variations on the market so be sure try a few different options to see what really satisfies you.

Tobacco blends

The complexity and volatility of tobacco flavouring is that it is greatly advantageous in that it can be mixed with a variety of fruit, nut, pastry and beverage flavours. Popular tobacco blends include blends with vanilla, caramel and even coffee. Truth be told, it can be quite difficult to find a flavour that suits you. However, not to worry! As a vaper, the great thing is you can explore and experiment with different flavours. A great way to do this is also by trying our Five Dollar Friday to grab the best deals.

Naturally Extracted Tobaccos

Naturally Extracted Tobaccos (NET) are e-liquids that are made by naturally extracting from real tobacco leaves. This is done to recreate the distinct taste from real tobacco. Specifically in Australia, you will not usually find NET Vape liquids made from local Australian vape companies. The majority of tobacco vape liquids are formulated with artificial flavouring. Of course, using a tobacco extract gives the e-juice a much more complex and genuine tobacco taste, which artificial flavouring simply cannot capture. If you’d like to learn more about the process of NETs, visit Black Note’s website.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

We’ve compiled a list of the best tobacco E-liquid flavours of 2022. These are great for new vapers that are looking to get their foot into their vaping world, and for experienced vapers looking for a new tobacco flavour to add to their rotation. Keep reading to see what our experts recommend.

1. Big Cigg

A traditional flavored tobacco e-liquid popular amongst the new vapers and in older age groups. If you’re looking for a harsher cigarette hit, this is the flavor for you. Less sweet and more of a bold throat hit that will take you back to the old days.

Steep Time Recommendation – 7 days

Grab Big Cigg E-liquid here:

Big Cigg eLiquid

Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $89.95.

2. Big Cubon

A classic and one of our all-time favorites. Big Cubon humbly offers a dark, spicy, almost leathery tobacco vape experience. For Cuban cigar lovers, this is a must-have in your rotation. A good Cuban cigar flavour vape can be hard to come by, but Big Cubon is definitely one that doesn’t disappoint.

Steep Time Recommendation – 7 days

Grab Big Cubon E-liquid here:

3. Big RY4

You may ask, what exactly is RY4 flavour? The term RY4 originated from the first e-cigarette made by the Ruyan Group which was first produced in 2004. The flavour RY4 consists of 3 main flavour profiles which include; tobacco, caramel and vanilla. The RY4 flavour usually is built with tobacco as a mild base with the caramel and vanilla being the dominant flavours. It is great for a vaper who has a sweet tooth but is still looking for a hint of tobacco on the exhale. An absolute must-have for any vaper.

Steep time recommended: 7-15+ days

Grab Big RY4 here:

Big RY4 e-Liquid

Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $89.95.

4. Coffee Tobacco

As mentioned previously, tobacco’s complex flavour profile allows it to be mixed with a variety of other unique flavours. Coffee is a popular one that gives a smooth and fresh twist to the dark smokey tobacco notes. This may also be an alternative for vapers who are looking to try new flavours, and who previously had aversions to tobacco e-liquids. Sit back and enjoy the subtle tobacco taste and let the smooth roasted coffee taste take over.

Steep Time Recommendation: 9+ days

Grab Coffee Tobacco E-liquid here:

5. Rum & Maple Pipe Tobacco

It keeps on getting better. An interesting blend of rum, maple, and tobacco is next to make the list, boasting a deliciously dark, sweet, and smokey vape experience. For rum lovers, this is a great beverage flavor with a sweet and full-bodied exhale.

Steep Time Recommendation: 7+ days

Grab Rum & Maple Pipe Tobacco E-Liquid here:

6. Port Rollie Tobacco

For those looking for a perfectly balanced tobacco with a delicious aged rum flavor, we’ve got you covered. Port Rollie Tobacco is our take on the famous rolling tobacco made here in Australia. Another great option for ex-smokers looking for a familiar taste with a sweet twist on the exhale. One of the best rolling tobacco e-liquids out there. Don’t believe us? Just try it for yourself.

Steep Time Recommendation: 10-14 days

Grab Port Rollie Tobacco here:

Port Rollie Tobacco e-Liquid

Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $89.95.

7. Apple Tobacco

Lastly, we’ve added a unique fruit/tobacco blend to the list of the best tobacco flavors of 2022. Our apple tobacco e-liquid offers a wonderfully formulated classic tobacco mixed with fruity red apples. You’ll find a variety of fruit/tobacco blend e-juices on the market including apples, cherry, and nectarine, among others. However, we’ve found that the rich sweetness of the red apples along with the dark smokiness of tobacco is a mix to die for.

Steep Time Recommendation: 9+ days

Grab Apple Tobacco E-liquid here:

Apple Tobacco e-Liquid

Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $79.00.

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