5 E-Liquid Flavours To Try This Autumn

Best E-Liquids For Autumn 2022

Summer is coming to an end and what better way to begin the autumn / fall season than with some delicious flavours to keep you nice and cosy during the wet and cooler season. Picking the right flavour depending on your mood and weather can be tricky, however, don’t worry because Big Vapes has you covered. We’ve compiled a list of five of the best e-liquids for autumn. Continue reading below to see our team’s suggestions.


1. Apple Custard Tart


Who doesn’t love a custard tart? Big vapes Apple Custard tart boasts creamy smooth custard notes with a hint of apple. The base notes are light and buttery and are the perfect combination with your morning coffee. It’s great for those who enjoy subtle fruit and custard notes without it being cloyingly sweet.

Recommended steep time: 7-14 days

Available in:  60ml, 120ml, 1L & 5L.

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2. Irish Coffee


Calling all coffee lovers! This special pick is a must-have if you love coffee. Our Irish Coffee e-liquid is a full-bodied roasted coffee infused with Irish cream that is the perfect combination of black coffee, whipped cream and Irish Whiskey. You’ll taste a smooth and full flavour throughout which is great for a morning vape on a cold autumn evening.

Recommended steep time: 12+ days

Available in: 60ml & 1L

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3. Caramel Custard


Big Vapes Caramel Custard was made for those who are wanting a full, rich custard flavour with delicate caramel notes. Anyone with a sweet tooth would consider themselves in heaven. An amazing flavour that should be part of everyone’s rotation.

Recommended steep time: 13+ days

Available in: 60ml & 1L

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4. Pumpkin Spiced Latte


It was all the hype, and still is in our eyes. Made popular by coffee chain Starbucks, you’ll find delicious spicy autumn flavours such as clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla with subtle creamy notes. This flavour will satisfy you whilst you cosy up by the fire on those cold autumn mornings.

Recommended steep time: 8+ days

Available in: 60ml & 1L

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5. Bourbon & Cola

When the weather sucks, who doesn’t love a sip of bourbon and cola over ice?  The last flavour we recommend for our autumn list forms part of our beverage range and offers a smooth bourbon infused with fizzy cola. If you prefer an icy sensation to complement, we suggest adding our Ice Drip to enhance your experience.

Recommended steep time: 7+ days

Available in: 60ml & 1L

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Bourbon & Cola e-Liquid

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We hope you enjoyed our team’s recommendations that would be a great addition to anyone’s rotation, especially for the upcoming autumn/fall season. Contact us here if we can assist with any questions regarding our range.

Happy vaping!